Welcome to the Department of Computer Science Finance Forms website.  

This site is used to:

1. Request assistance to complete a purchase on your behalf.
2. Request reimbursement for an out of pocket expense.
3. Submit procurement card (pcard) receipts for monthly reconciliation (For Faculty/Staff Use Only).
4. Request department approval to travel.
5. Request reimbursement for travel expenses.
6. Archive form submissions (the archiving feature is only available if you're logged in upon submission of the form).

This online system can be used to replace the hard copy Purchase Verification (PV) and Department Travel Authorization (DA) forms.  Although we will continue to accept the hard copy forms, if that method is preferred.

This system does not replace the existing Concur system, which is where we will continue to process the reports for purchase and travel reimbursements as well as pcard reports and to request campus level travel approval, which is done through Concur. 

Using the system:

In the upper right hand corner of this page, you will find a link to login via your IdentiKey.

After you’ve completed the appropriate form and have submitted it, your request will be sent via email for processing. You’ll also receive a copy of your request through email along with any attachments that you’ve included in your submission.

*** Students, see the important note below for additional requirements for your submissions.

All requests will be archived within the online system, if you're logged in upon submission.  With this feature, you're able to revise and re-submit forms, as needed.

The system will also allow you to submit forms without logging in but forms will not be archived, nor will you be able to revise and re-submit forms.

Your password is managed in the IdentiKey Portal, visit https://identikey.colorado.edu if you need to change your password for all CU Boulder services.

Which form to use:

The Purchase Verification Form is used for requesting assistance to complete a purchase on your behalf or for requesting reimbursement for an out of pocket expense

The Department Travel Authorization (DA) Request Form is used for requesting department approval to travel, which is always required prior to booking any portion of your trip, this is equivalent to the hard copy Department Travel Authorization form.

The Travel Reimbursement Request Form is used for requesting reimbursement after your trip has taken place.

The Pcard Receipt Submission Form is for Faculty/Staff use only and is for submitting pcard receipts for monthly reconciliation.

*** IMPORTANT: If you’re a student who has received permission from a faculty member to create a purchase request, to create a request for reimbursement, or to request approval to travel, you MUST include the email of the faculty who has authorized the transaction so that they receive a copy of your request form. Forms submitted without this information cannot be processed and you will be asked to re-submit your transaction.

After the form is submitted:

If you requested that our team complete a purchase on your behalf, we'll notify you when the transaction is complete.

If you requested a reimbursement and you're a CU employee, our team will create a reimbursement expense report for you in Concur.  We'll notify you when the report is complete and ready for you to submit through Concur, along with instructions.  Once fully approved, the reimbursement will be issued through direct deposited into your bank account.

If you requested a reimbursement and you're a non-employee, CS team will create a reimbursement expense report.  Once fully approved, the reimbursement will be mailed to the address you provided when submitting the request form.

If you requested approval to travel,  you'll be notified once all approvals are in place and you'll be provided with a DA number which is used to track your trip, as well as any additional instructions on how to book your trip.

If you submitted pcard receipts, our team will build your pcard expense report in Concur and you'll be notified when it's ready to be submitted through Concur (pcards are reports are submitted once per month).


Please direct questions to csteam@colorado.edu